About Us

Proses Makina is a qualified company for planting of recycling systems for e-wastes, catalytic converters, jewelry scraps systems, mining industry solutions and applying the production of advanced machinery facilities. Proses Makina Co. has proven itself in the sector and offering highly efficient, long-lasting and fair price solutions to all customers. Customer happiness has always been a priority for Proses Makina Company.

The recycling of scrap catalytic converters to retrieve/recover the precious metal content of platinum, palladium and, rhodium, is important, both environmentally and economically. Platinum Group Metals (PGMs- Pt, Pd, Rh) used in the catalytic process to remove toxic emissions from vehicles are substantially increasing due to soaring demand and limited supplies, thus making their recycling economically viable.

Proses Makina’s catalytic converter system has been designed in 2 steps. Physical and Chemical treatment. Proses Makina’s physical treatment system is based on basically 3 stages. These are cutting, grinding, and homogenizing.

Stage 1: De-canning: The physical recycling begins with the taking out of the honeycomb-shaped material in the catalytic converter that contains the valuable PGMs.

Stage 2: Milling: The de-canned ceramic is then sorted, crushed, and milled. Depending on batch size, Proses Makina either uses a ball mill, hammer mill, or chain mill. If required, a Vacuum Transfer Unit can be installed to transfer the milled material to the desired location.

Stage 3: An efficient and versatile Double Cone Mixer may then be used to homogeneously combine dry powders and granules. Double Cone Mixer is used for homogenizing operation.