Dust Collectors

Dust particles that occur during operations threaten both environment and employees’ health in industrial facilities. Dust collectors are not only preferred for the employees’ health. In the catalytic converter business, precious metals are located inside of the honeycomb. Dust comes out during the cutting process to extract the honeycomb. Even though dust is very valuable, dust is harmful to human health and customers have to catch the dust both health issues and make money. If the users lose dust, customers would recover less precious metals. Therefor the people which doing recovering precious metal business, aiming to collect all dust from the catalytic converters. Dust collectors work smoothly and increase efficiency. Proses Makina’s dust collector system is integrated into the de-cunning (cutter) units to reduce these losses to almost zero.

During the cutting and unloading of catalytic converters, the dust and financial losses can be decreased with the optimum engineering design, and application by choosing the most suitable filter. Proses Makine Company is very experienced in minimizing the dust and financial losses. Those dust collector systems can move easily within the factory or maximum efficiency is provided for dust collecting.