Which De-Canning Unit is Suitable for Your System?

De-canning units are effective machines used for cutting through the catalytic converters and removing the ceramic part inside of them. The systems are designed for separate ceramic sides and scraps with each other. The working principle is as same as the guillotine for the C and U-type models. Those systems can operate with only one hand easily. Alligator type de-canning unit’s working principle is more like scissors. So, which of these models is more suitable for your line?

Customers should consider their capacities and the sizes of the scrap material they will work with when choosing machinery. If the output materials are going to fill a barrel, a mill, or anything else; we would recommend choosing platform models. Although there is not much difference between C-type and U-type models. The type differences come from the bearings of the blades. U-type models have a sheet metal on the front side. Some bigger size catalytic converters can not match the machine due to this sheet metal. Therefore, Proses Makina’s engineering team designed the C-type model. The C-type model offers the opportunity to process with larger catalytic models.

In what kind of conditions, we should have double de-canning systems? If the customer’s capacity is more than 150kg or the process has chemical operations, we recommend another unit. One de-canning unit can cut two scraps in one minute.

Basically, customers have two options with de-canning systems. And the second choice is the Alligator type. That model has a longer-lasting knife than the other types,  due to the shape of its design. Also, lower maintenance cost is a plus for this model. But on the other hand, Those units are more dangerous than the others and Alligators have longer operation times. And integration with a dust collector is harder than other types.

C Type De-Canning Units

Can operate easily

Opportunity work with the larger size catalytics

U Type De-Canning Units Cost-effective
Press Type De-Canning Units For more safety
Alligator Type De-Canning Units

Lower maintenance cost

Long-lasting knife life

Double De-Canning Units

Can work more than 150kg

Faster solution

De-Canning Units with Platform

Opportunity to fill or move the ceramic

Can save the area, when using with ball mills


Proses Makina is a qualified company for planting catalytic converter facilities. Proses Makina is established in Istanbul. Contact us before making your decision about the de-canning systems.