Catalytic Converter Recycling Investment

Recovery of precious metals from catalytic converters is a very profitable business and attracts the attention of investors. This business is also environmental as its profitable. Investors should have information about the process as well as financial resources related to catalytic converters recycling. Proses Makina’s catalytic converters recycling solutions, along with many instruments and machines, can basically be grouped into two groups as physical and chemical parts. A complete plant contains all these necessary machinery types and offers customers the opportunity to recover precious metal ingots. We are able to develop different and personalized solutions in order to catch the budget in line with customers’ demands. Investors who want to enter the industry but hesitate for some reason may start with the physical part. Starting with physical equipment, they can get to know the industry and take fewer risks.

What are the physical and chemical steps?

We can basically classify the recovery steps of precious metals from catalytic converters into two groups as physical and chemical. The physical part is starting with removing the ceramic part inside the scrap catalysts. The ceramic material is prepared for the chemical process in physical steps. The chemical steps are simply using the leaching method to precipitate and refine precious metals to recover separately platinum, palladium, and rhodium. After refining, the customer has the option to sell those precious metals as powder. If customers use the correct furnace for melting, casting into the ingot mold is possible and the material can be sold as a bar.

 What is the physical part?

The physical part starts with removing the ceramic part from scrap catalysts. A specially designed cutter is used for the separation process. The cutter works like a guillotine with hydraulic parts. The guillotine divides the scrap catalytic converters into two parts. As an alternative to these cutters, alligator cutters can also be used. It got this name as a result of its resemblance to the crocodile. Its working principle is like scissors. As a first step, scrap iron and ceramic parts are separated in the cutter unit. A magnetic separator is used to prevent some metal parts from mixing with the ceramic during cutting. Scrap metal parts may decrease the efficiency of the process. In addition, dust collector systems have been developed to minimize dust loss in these cutter units. After the cutting process is completed, the grinding process starts in the mills. Ceramic pieces are hammered in these mills until they become powdery. Then the powder is sent to a mixer and homogenized. The material is made ready for chemical operations after the homogenizing step. Vacuum transfer systems are designed for dust transfer between the machines and vacuum transfer is preferred to prevent dust loss.

Pic.1: Scrap Cutting System

Is it possible to invest in physical machines?

Companies in the precious metal recycling industry are basically of three types. A group of investors have completed the facility and kept the physical and chemical parts. This group buys scraps and converts them to precious metal bars. And the other two groups have only physical or chemical sides. However, the presence of companies that only carry out chemical and physical operations is more common. Customers who are not confident about chemical operations can enter the industry of precious metal recycling by starting with physical treatments. They can remove the ceramic parts of the catalytics and sell their products to chemical companies and sell the scraps to scrap dealers. Considering the financial value of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium, whose the prices are increasing day by day. Contact us to design your recycling plan that suitable for you budget.

Pic.2: Physical Treatment of Proses Makina

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